Why a Storytelling Framework for Learning?


Zeus, the leader of the most powerful army in the world was readying for battle. Four of his children were set to march into battle against the Titans. One daughter was the first to step forward on her father's command, driving her father's armored vehicle into battle. Some called her Victoria, as victory was her mission.

Rumor has it she was able to fly, that she wore a crown and played a beautiful stringed instrument to celebrate winning. A grand monument was built in her honor.

This is the myth of Nike, Greek Goddess of Victory. We celebrate her even today. It's easy to see why Nike, winning athletes' clothing manufacturer, took on the name of the goddess: its brand is about winning.

But Nike's story represents something more: the deep human need to identify and relate to character virtues through our stories.

Stories, then, are all about who we are and what we're striving for.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.  -Anaig Nin

Your Mythic Life

We all look to role models as clues to how to live our lives as the best models of ourselves. Superhero, celebrity or everyday heroes are mythic figures, living our parts we identify with.

Joseph Campbell made a lifelong study of the stories we tell ourselves, the myths and narratives that have attempted to explain our place int he world since the dawn of humanity. In The Power of Myth, Campbell says, "Myths are clues to the experience of life."

Ultimately, life is all about experience, how we share it, and what we can learn from our stories.

Enter the Edge of Yesterday

Who are you and what are you striving to become? Do you have a story, a dream, a drawing or a project you'd like to share?

We invite you to:


What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? We'd like to hear about it!


When you take a selfie, write a rap, sketch, and doodle, you're showing something to the world. How do you express yourself?

What's your story — are you powerful like Zeus? Intent on winning, like Nike? Are you a peacemaker, creator, leader, or world builder?

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No time like the present. Use this moment to PAINT, DRAW, WRITE, SING, VIDEO OR DESIGN and show us who you really are!