Anything but a HUMAN

By Tanisha Pal, Delhi, India

I am a science student and I’m part of an organisation called “Youth Voices for Tomorrow” and a member of the India Être Girls Club in Delhi. I love participating in the Model United Nations and like to express my views on human rights issues.

I write to express my emotions and reactions to events. This is my first original poem. I was inspired to write this because I was able to give vent to my feelings, and I think a lot of people can relate to it. Certainly, I know I’m not the only one who went through something like this.

I never had courage to tell anyone but through this poem I’m able to express myself.


My skin burns with the traces you left behind.
Your hands that feel like snakes roaming on my body.
Your kisses that make venom run through my body.
Your words that intoxicate me, making me unable to move.
My frail body that is filled with scars, some yours, some mine.
No matter what I wear, no matter how many layers, you always see me nude.
I wish everything would shatter like my fragile heart.
I feel like I’m drowning, even without water.
I’m suffocating even when there’s so much space to breathe.
The monsters in my head keep me awake every night Whispering these voiceless thoughts in the dark.
Still feeling so numb to say anything.
And now I wish I was anything but a HUMAN