Eclipse Totality 2017

By Ava B, 12

Eclipse 2017

My friend and old neighbor, Lissie and her family traveled down from Pittsburgh, Pa., to South Carolina to visit and see the eclipse with us. We were excited. We live in the path where the eclipse totality would happen. I wasn't sure how cool it would be, but I read in MUSE magazine a lot of cool facts about it. We watched neighbors all coming out and getting on their boats, and we took our boat out on the lake and anchored in the middle with many other boats.

We put our glasses on and you could see the tiny little pac-man form over the sun. It kept getting darker and darker, the light was really weird... like there was an Instagram filter on the whole world. It felt like it was 8 p.m. at night, but it was, like, the middle of the day! All around us was a 360-degree sunset, and theĀ boat lights and channel markers lit up like it was night time as it got even darker.

Then it happened: it was like a suction cup effect when the moon covered the sun and this glowing circle appeared around the moon that looked like fire... and beams of waving light were all around it, like a fire...coolest ever! It was safe then to take our glasses off, and so I quickly snapped a photo. Slowly, as it moved, a bright spot (the diamond ring) appeared and we had to hurry and put our glasses back on. Then everything slowly got brighter and it was all over.

It was so cool!