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  • Introducing MASTERY

    For now, internships look like everything else, a computer screen. But, there is a new program in D.C. called MASTERY

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  • Maryland STEAM Festival podcast

    Maryland author Robin Stevens Payes discusses her book, Edge of Yesterday, about teen girl Charley Morton wants to create a time machine to meet up with her Renaissance idol Leonardo da Vinci. Robin encourages girls to love and enter STEM fields through science fiction.

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  • "Kathryn Zox Show", Voice America radio

    Kathryn interviews author, consultant & science writer Robin Stevens Payes, whose "Edge of Yesterday" book series is designed to open the minds of middle- grade readers to the adventure of learning about STEM through storytelling. Payes has created a curriculum that presents STEM through play, discovery, character, creativity and storytelling.

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  • Da Vinci to Disney: How great thinkers think

    Robin Stevens Payes recently returned from Monterey, California, where she presented the livestreamed program, "Da Vinci to Disney: How great thinkers think," with Walt Disney Family Museum educator (and former educator for the Kreeger Museum here in DC) Antonia Dapena-Tretter.

    While there, she did a book reading and signing for Edge of Yesterday, and her newest book in the multimedia, interactive teen time-travel adventure series, Da Vinci's Way, for educators and parents involved in STEM and STEAM learning.

  • Living in Random: Edge of Yesterday Book Series

    "Robin Stevens Payes has an enthralling EDGE OF YESTERDAY book series that is designed to open the minds of middle-grade readers to the adventure of learning about STEM/STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) through storytelling."

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  • "Da Vinci’s Way:" Futuristic Stances on Work and Learning

    BookTrib lauds the new Da Vinci's Way for "Futuristic Stances on Work and Learning" A teen time travel series "Edge of Yesterday" help guide young people toward finding their own passions and following their dreams. The newest book in the series. Da Vinci's Way, takes stalwart time traveler Charley Morton to explore her favorite subjects, science and math with one of the masters, Leonardo da Vinci.

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  • SheSoft Conference Awards Edge of Yesterday Book to Participants

    The SheSoft 2017-18 Championship and Conference drew more than 130 individuals, including nearly 50 young technology enthusiasts, on June 2 for a day of competition and learning at George Mason University.

    The girls had the opportunity to participate in live interviews and interactions with Robin Stevens Payes and were rewarded with an Edge of Yesterday book autographed by the author.

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  • Book Q&A with Deborah Kalb

    Book blogger Deborah Kalb gets up-close-and-personal with Robin Payes about writing, time travel, STEM and promoting curiosity and creativity in teens.

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  • Teen Time Travel Adventure Novel, Edge of Yesterday, Debuts on Leonardo da Vinci's Birthday

    Teen Time Travel Adventure Novel, Edge of Yesterday, Debuts on Leonardo da Vinci's Birthday

    In a debut novel, Edge of Yesterday, author Robin Stevens Payes, brings Leonardo da Vinci and his visionary powers to life through the eyes of a modern-day teen. When 13-year-old Charley Morton decides to build Leonardo da Vinci's plans for a time machine for the middle school science fair, she has two thoughts in mind: to win first prize and to travel back in time to meet her Renaissance idol, Leonardo.

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  • Middle School Student Book Reviews

    Middle School Student Book Reviews

    What happens when three middle school readers meet Charley? Rave reviews! At an author's lunch, we discussed how Edge of Yesterday came to be, what it takes to write a novel, and encouragement for aspiring fiction writers.

    Thanks to our reviewers from St. Andrews Episcopal School for your insights!

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  • Welcoming New Partnerships:

    EOY Media would like to welcome two new partners to help us all learn and grow in an amazing environment!

    ÊTRE Être Girls, a middle school girl empowerment organization, and EOY Media are joining forces to promote reading and engagement with positive stories. Être Girls is featuring Edge of Yesterday as a book selection to encourage middle school girls to #BeWellRead.

    #HackHarrassment We're aligned with #HackHarassment, a project of Intel, the Born This Way Foundation and Vox Media to keep Edge of Yesterday and EOY Media awesome, safe and respectful. Now it’s your turn: Let’s keep the internet awesome. Sign the #HackHarassment Pledge.

  • Story-Based Learning Portal Edge of Yesterday Launches

    Story-Based Learning Portal Edge of Yesterday Launches

    Edge of Yesterday (, a time travel adventure created by writer and author Robin Stevens Payes, is a digital learning platform for young teens that aims to inspire future scientists and artists, historians and investigators by learning through story.

    The new EOY Media site opens a portal to learning with interactive content that blends interdisciplinary content—history and science, art and medicine, with games, storytelling and social media—to encourage young people to engage through creativity, play and discovery.

    By featuring a determined teenage girl with a big dream, EOY Media breaks new ground in creating a strong, resilient protagonist with a sense of humor. Through Charley’s story, teens are invited to find and share their own.

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